Managing A System

When a user clicks a row from the Systems table, a dialog that allows system management is brought up:



The status of all devices associated with a system will be shown in the dialog. Other information such as the model, serial number and description of equipment is also given.


Status, Description, Model, System and Serial Number cannot be edited in the SageVue interface. Adding or editing Labels and changing the protection status of the system are the only editable fields. These functions are also accessible from the convenience buttons at the top right.


The STATUS column gives information about the device in the subsequent cell.


     Alarm- the system was not found or a major fault is present.



    OK- the system is found on the network and no active faults or errors are present.



   Action Required- the system was discovered on the network but fault has occurred on a device or a device in the system was not found.






To update firmware on devices, click the firmware convenience button in the upper-right corner of the screen:

A dialog with available firmware updates will open along with a list of devices in the system that can accept the selected update. Note that different devices will be available/unavailable depending on the firmware update selected.

Users may choose between Tesira, Devio and ATOM Devices.



SageVue automatically downloads the latest available firmware updates when clicking the update firmware button. The last four firmware updates are stored and available to a user. Any protected devices will have to be unlocked by an authorized user to update firmware. Pertinent release notes may be accessed prior to updating by clicking the View Notes link.


Clicking the icon next to the system name will show all devices that can receive a firmware update. After selecting the desired firmware and devices, select UPDATE to continue with the update or cancel to abort the operation. As firmware is being updated, the status column for the System being updated will indicate progress with the following:



A dialog will give information on successful firmware updating or if any errors were encountered.




Devices may be protected to prevent changes or to only allow access to particular users. The lock symbol indicates the protected status of a Device:

If shown "locked," clicking the lock icon will allow a user to unlock a device if they know the username and password. These credentials are not stored in the gateway: entering these credentials results in the system design software granting SageVue access to the gateway. If the credentials are changed or the system design software is reset, the user will not be able to unlock the system without entering the valid credentials.


SageVue Control

SageVue Control allows users to lock a system so changes may only be made from the present instance of SageVue. Once this control is enabled, users will not be able to access the system from another instance of SageVue. This blocks all non-SageVue accounts from accessing the Tesira system as well, including Tesira software and 3rd-party control systems. The system may be accessed via Tesira software if a SageVue Control User is set. See the Tesira Help File for information on user privilege definitions.


When under control, SageVue will automatically provide credentials so users will not have to enter username/password when making changes to a system.


Click the  icon to initiate SageVue Control. The user will need to verify their intent to control the system selected. Once enabled, the available convenience buttons at the top of the screen will change (the Protect System lock icon will no longer be available).


The appearance of these icons will indicate the system is currently under SageVue control:



To release a system from SageVue control, click the SageVue icon. The user will be prompted to confirm releasing the system.



Clear Configuration


Clicking the clear configuration button allows a user to clear a configuration from a system. Users will be required to confirm the action and will also have the option to force-clear a configuration even if devices are missing from the system:



If devices are missing and the toggle is set to off, clearing the configuration will fail. Note that if devices are part of a system under SageVue Control, the devices will still be under SageVue control even after the system is cleared. See Device Management for information on releasing devices from SageVue Control.


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